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Author: Charles R. Kinsley

 He was born the son of a Preacher/Pastor. He is a 3rd generation Colorado native, a husband for 47 years and father of four.

 Charles graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University with a BA Degree, and earned his MDIV Degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and was ordained an Elder in the Methodist Church. With continuing education over the years, he has produced studies in prophecy, the Book of Revelation, and what to look for in the end times.

 He has been pastor of churches in Kentucky, Wyoming and Colorado over a period of 39 years.

 He was a Teacher/Preacher, and is now sharing his knowledge and insights with those who want to know God more and walk more closely with Him.

 As we approach the soon return of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, it is more and more important that people learn and know what God has to say about life today.