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The Bible says that the wife must submit to her husband. This goes against everything that our modern society thinks is right and proper. Most people would say that this simply is not right and should not even be attempted. However, according to the Bible, this is not only right and proper but God commands that it must be done.

The truth is, you can be the wife that your husband will love, cherish and adore. God did not give us a commandment and then just leave us to figure out how to do it on our own. God has spelled out how and why He gave this commandment.

Your responsibility is to live Ephesians 5:22 (NIV) “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.” Don’t be like the wife who looks at the first phrase, “submit to your husband,” and say “I can’t do that, because it would make me a slave.”

The woman’s liberation movement in American has convinced women that they are equal to men and thus cannot submit to them. Even women who would not accept what the movement taught have been influenced by it without even realizing it. It has become a part of our society.

Men and Women Are Complementary Creatures

Take a look at what the Bible says. As you study it, you will begin to realize something very important. God did not create men and women as equal creatures, but rather as complementary creatures.  Men and women were created to complement each other. We have our own strengths and weaknesses.

We were created to depend on God. But, we were also created to depend upon each other. The family was created to be a model of our relationship with God. This is what Ephesians 5:24 is telling us. (NIV): “Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” Wives are to teach the world how to submit to Christ by how they submit to their husbands.

Does this make you, as a wife, less important than your husband? No! In fact it makes you more important. Through you, we learn how to submit to God. As your husband sees you submitting to him, he learns how to submit to God.

The Task God Has Given You as a Wife

Why is this important? It is because man do not want to submit to anything. He wants to rule all he sees. He wants to be in charge. God created you to help him become the man of God that God wants him to be.

Wives, God has given to you a very important task. You have a responsibility to help your husband become the best “Man of God” that he can possibly be. A husbands often gets off on tangents and thus stops doing what God wants him to be doing. Your job is to gently help him see what he needs to be seeing. This does not mean that you are not submitting to him. It means that you are helping him be the leader that God wants him to be.

Is your husband the Man of God you want him to be? Perhaps he is not even a Christian. Do you want him to be the spiritual leader that God wants him to be? Then “Stand in the Gap.” There is an old saying: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

God has a special and very important job for wives and mothers. It is not as glamorous as being the CEO of a large company (and there is nothing wrong with that). However, it is much more important. Mothers are responsible to rearing God-fearing children. They are also responsible for creating God-fearing husbands.

If you want your husband to be the Man of God that God wants him to be, pray for him. Not just once, but over and over. He may not change overnight, but God honors persistent and sincere prayer. What your husband becomes, may just lie in how you hold him up in prayer.

You Are to Be a Partner With Your Husband

When you married your husband, you accepted his name as your own. You also accepted his dreams and aspirations and you need to make them your own.

This is not what the Women’s Liberation Movement has taught here in America. They have taught that women should always live their own lives, their own dreams, even if it is not in harmony with their husband’s. This teaching has permeated all of American Society, even into the Christian world.

This is the biggest reason for the high divorce rate in America. Two people trying to live in harmony with each and at the same time trying to live lives that don’t sync with each other. This causes friction within the marriage and will often lead to divorce. Don’t be one of those women.

Your Dream and Your Husbands Calling

You have a choice to make. You can live according to the world’s standard, which is only temporary. Or you can live according to God’s standard, which is eternal.

If your husband has a God-given calling on his life and you insist on wanting something that is not in harmony with it, you will never find happiness. You may have dreams and aspirations that do not seem to be in harmony with your husband’s. However, if God gave you a dream, He had a reason for giving it to you.

That dream may need to be modified to fit in with your husband’s God-given calling. If God gave you a dream, He does want you to fulfill it. It just may have to be modified to fit the calling you accepted when you married your husband. Don’t hang on to the picture that God originally gave you. If you allow Him, He will show you how your calling will fit right into your husband’s calling. It may be entirely different than your original picture, but it will be what God wants for you.

If you insist on not making any changes in your dream, you will never be happy. You will also hinder the calling that God placed on your husband. However, if you allow God to lead you into what may seem like an entirely different dream, God will bless you beyond measure. He will also bless your marriage, as well as your husband’s calling. You may also find yourself fulfilling your original dream in a way you never thought possible. 

The Bottom Line

Wives, the bottom line is this. If you want to be loved, cherished, and adored, put your husband first in everything you do. His wants and needs become your wants and needs. Do this, even if it puts what you want on the back burner. You may even have to start doing some things that, at least at first, you don’t want to do. But if you do this, God will honor what you do and bring blessings to you that you can’t even imagine.