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Finding Abundant Living through Bible Study

Welcome to Chuckís Bible Study Web Site. I am happy that you decided to stop by and have a look. Whether you are just curious about what the Bible says or want to do serious Bible Study, you will find both here.

I was a Biblical preacher and teacher for 39 years teaching hundreds of people about the Bible. Over and over I was asked to write down what I was teaching so they could take it home with them. Much of what you will find here is a result of what I wrote for those who asked for it.

One of the most important things I learned during my years of teaching is that the Bible is Godís Love Letter to us and It shows us how we are to love Him. It illustrates to us how we should relate to God. It reveals to us how He designed us to live in His world, covering every aspect of our life.

Living as God designed us to can be both easy and exciting. However, it does take a working knowledge of Godís Love Letter, the Holy Bible. This site is all about that. I am sharing with you what I have learned about living triumphantly with Jesus Christ.

There are several versions of the Bible, most of which are very good. Our English Bibles are translations of the original Hebrew and Greek. Every translator will tell you that it is very difficult to translate the full meaning of a passage from one language to another. For this reason, it is a good idea to use several different translations. When a passage has more than one meaning, different translations will emphasize varing meanings.

You are probably familiar with such versions as the King James Version, the New King James Version or New International Version. These translators have tried to translate as closely to the original Greek or Hebrew as possible, making them very good for in depth study of the Scriptures.

Another type of Bible is a paraphrased edition, such as the Living Bible, the New Living Translation, the Good News Bible, etc. A paraphrased edition tries to translate the Bible into modern English. It is not a word for word translation but instead expands the original wording so it is more easily readable and understandable. Paraphrased editions always have an element of interpretation in them. That is, they reflect the theological opinion of the author or authors. Thus, if you believe that the Bible is the inherent Word of God, be sure that you purchase one that was translated by someone that has the same belief.

There is one translation that does a very good job of translating all meanings of the original text, and that is the Amplified Bible, which is a very good Bible for private study, but it is not preferable for reading in public. Get a copy of it and you will see what I mean. 

On this site, unless it is otherwise stated, we are using the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible.

Purpose of this site

Living as a Bible Believing Christian in the modern world is not an easy task, especially in modern America. We have unchristian and non-Christian content hitting us from every direction: every time we turn on the TV, the billboards we see as we drive down the street, the music we hear on the radio, the articles we read in the newspapers.

It is difficult to keep our minds centered on what Jesus wants us to be doing. It is easy to forget how we should be living. In fact, it is easy to sometimes even forget that we are Christians.

Some of you visiting this website may not even be Christians. You are just curious about Christianity. I welcome you to read everything that I have posted here, and hope that it will help you to satisfy your curiosity.

For those of you that have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, this site will help you understand the faith that you have accepted.

Throughout this web site you will find ways to help you understand what Christianity is all about. It doesnít matter if you are a new Christian or are just curious about Christianity. This will help you have a better understanding of Biblical Christianity.

I emphasize Biblical Christianity because there are many brands of Christianity in the world today that are not based on what the Bible actually says. Some may even say that I am not interpreting the Bible correctly. If you think that I have interpreted some incorrectly, I challenge you to read what is written, go to your Bible and find out why it is wrong. Then send me a comment concerning what you have found.

If you are just curious about Christianity, this will help you understand what Christians are all about. If you are a Bible teacher, you will find information that you can share with your students. Small group leaders, will find topics for group discussion.

On this site, you will be motivated to walk closer with Jesus, be inspired to spend more time with Him, and find ways to help you spend more time living and spreading your Christian faith.

How to use this site

Notice the topics along the left side of this page. These are the topics which are on this site. Click on one that interests you. When you click on one of the main topics, you will go to the page that lists the sub-topics of that main topic. If you click on one of the sub-topics, you will go directly to that article. You can get back to the Main Page from any of the articles you click on.

On some pages you will find in the right hand column books that I recommend. I list these books I think they might help you to further you relationship with God, with others or with your spouse. When you click on the image, you will be taken directly to the page on where you can purchase it.

On some pages you will also find a link to my store on Amazon. This is where I list books that I recommend for further study. I hope that you will find them helpful. When you visit my store, you can click right back to this site, which will land you on the Main Page.

Other Resources

I have added a new site, which is actually a blog. It is centered more on what is happening today. It has articles about how to live in our modern world. You can find it at  Basic Christianity does not change. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. The way we receive that salvation will never change. However, we do keep learning new ways to apply our faith in Jesus in our everyday living. I even welcome your suggestions regarding topics to develop. Just go to the comment page and enter them.





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